2Bception cosplay stream and doodle

Last week I did my cosplay stream! It was a celebratory stream for hitting 100 subs on my twitch platform (check it out if you haven’t already 🙂 ) . The plan for this stream was that if 100 people subbed to the channel, then I would cosplay as someone that chat chooses. We had a poll and the two choices on top were 2B and Mikan. In the end, 2B won, and here we are!

The thing about this cosplay was that it was so constricting in the chest area that I had a hard time  breathing 🙁 So unfortunately, halfway through the stream I changed into another outfit (but kept the wig!). Hopefully next time I’ll have the foresight to try on the cosplay before the day of the cosplay stream. lololol 

Prior to the stream, I sketched out 2B on the iPad for a  quick paint doodle of 2B with her sword. I say “quick” even though the stream was 4 hours, a lot of it was just joking around so the amount of time actually spent on the piece was probably only 1-2hrs at most. I kinda liked the piece so maybe in the future I’d clean her up a bit?

I have a problem drawing digitally: It feels incredibly unnatural to me and my drawings come out a lot stiffer.

For the longest time I didn’t know how to tackle it. Even when I got a screen tablet, I still had this problem (albeit it was lessened, the awkwardness of digital has never left my side). However that all changed when I got the iPad!

Drawing on the iPad honestly feels like drawing on paper (especially when the PaperLike screen protector is on it). It has successfully bridged the awkward digital gap that I’ve felt for years from digital painting and made me feel more and more comfortable with it. I think because of this iPad, I will be trying to paint digitally even more now!

Afterwards, I uploaded the sketch into Clip Studio Paint for the stream and started blocking in colours. I did the above for understanding the colours blocking.

Then, I painted on top of everything on one layer. I feel like I’ve lost some of that grittiness, rough feeling from the sketch here, but I’m ok with that. Slowly learning to connect the worlds I’m used to into the world of the new!

media: Procreate on the iPad, Clip Studio Paint on PC

Originally I thought about doing some blood splatter, but I think this portrayed more of the feeling I was going for: pensive melancholy.

2B and I have clashing personalities where she is super quiet and doesn’t try to speak more than needs to be said, but I am the type to want to bring everyone’s mood up! My cosplay’s “Play” part failed during the stream, so maybe next time I should cosplay according to my strengths for a less stoic character! hahaha

I can’t wait until the next few sub goals: I plan on dressing up my cat Mochi >u<

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