Living up to expectations

It’s been a minute since I’ve updated, so above is the masterpiece I’ve created in the meantime. Beautiful, isn’t it?

Ok on the real, I’ve been having this weird looming feeling of needing to make beautiful blog posts, but words have been failing me. I want everything wonderful, and when things fall short I get into this weird funk where I don’t want to show anything at all. Sorry about that. 🙁 So today I will keep it short since my brain is still fried.

Please take a look at this!

So I tried to semi-plan again by drawing a smol-ish thumbnail. In the beginning, I drew a box and filled it out, but then I had more ideas so I drew another box and filled it out. However.. I had one more idea and expanded the box one more time.  lolol! Thank goodness for thumbnailing or else I would’ve ran out of canvas space and the piece would’ve looked much less cohesive and cut off awkwardly.

I didn’t do a colour composition thumbnail this time and went straight into colouring because I was too impatient. I did remember one thing that the colour dictionary I used in the previous illustration had: if there are 4 colours, it’s not uncommon to do 3 of either warm/cold colours, and 1 of the remaining. In this case, I did 3 warm colours (red, yellow, pink), and 1 cool colour: green.

Hmm. This piece came out better than I had originally expected! There are a few items I’d like to clean and make more clean, but doing this sort of sketchbook testing has helped me learn how to better bigger traditional pieces.

It’s ok to make mistakes, right?

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