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I’ve finally cleaned up my workstation a bit! Look at that super moody light. It makes me feel like I’m super artsy and have amazing, super duper mood of artsy fartsy awesome inspiration. Ah yes, I can feel the artistic inspo just flowing throw me with this great moody light. Since I’m facing North, I will always have A+++ tier lighting. This is one thing I think many artists underestimate: good natural lighting will absolutely affect your works.

But on the real, this table was originally supposed to be a dining table from Ikea, but clearly It is not a dining table for me. lolol

Displayed  items are basically everything I use for sketchbook pieces. I have some acrylics and oils on the side, but that has yet to appear!  Watercolours, colour pencils, markers, and the 5 current sketchbooks I’m slowly going through.

These are my 5 current sketchbooks: rough watercolour paper, hot press paper, toned paper, cold press paper, and a normal sketchbook of normal-y paper. The reason why I have so many going on at the same time is quite simple! I’m fickle 😀

The red sketchbook is used to thumbnail pieces and it’s my “scrap” sketchbook where I can be absolutely ugly and and do quickies!


Here is my workstation for digital! I have dual monitors and my Wacom mobile studio pro to do digital art. I put the tablet on a box so that I wouldn’t be looking too far down.


Don’t do this to yourself! It’s bad for you. Be a proper, upstanding citizen.

And that is the end of my workstation! I’m not sure if you’d like to see any parts of it upclose, but if you do– please let me know! I’ll update my workstation if there’s any additional items you’d like me to show off 🙂

So I actually have a huge backlog of art since I’ve been slacking a bit with updating. My bad! Here are some of the pieces below that I’ll just do a quick drive-by posting.

I did washi tape in the back of this piece and suddenly it became so much better! I actually drew this back when I did the 2B cosplay. I really like that boob window, so I wanted to draw it again but on Aikano, my original character. heehee >u<LOO

This was a fail piece.  But it was really good to practice something new! I laid down watercolours first, and then did some detailing with markers. Then I SWAAAHHHPPPFAHHHH up’d the piece with some black strokes.

This originally had a completely different thumbnail, but then I thought about changing it last minute. I think.. this one is probably more suitable to real life. What do you think the original thumbnail is? :’D

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