Inktober 2018


Inktober is upon us!!! Have you joined this year?

For those who don’t know what Inktober is, it’s an art prompt that has taken the art world by storm! Let me just screenshot the website for ease:

The official website releases a list of prompts that artists can follow if they want to, or artists can create their own prompt list to inspire themselves on what to do draw. It’s not required to follow any prompt list though! A lot of artists have released their own prompt lists on Instagram, and many people choose various prompts to follow throughout the month of October.

To be honest, in the beginning I tried to follow a prompt list but I ironically hit an art block doing them. I felt like I “ruined” my sketchbook with poor drawings:

I felt like these were awful and couldn’t make the prompts work in my favour. In hindsight, they don’t look too awful (except for the first one), and I might revisit finishing this sketchbook after all! The first image’s anatomy is lost forever though.

Good-bye, my love! Good riddance! lololol!! I wouldn’t be surprised if I completely covered on that page with something else pasted over it. hahaha!

So at the time while I am writing this post, I’ve drawn 4 pieces in a brand new sketchbook just for Inktober (actually, I started on this sketchbook after I felt like I ruined my previous sketchbook lol). After writing this post, I’ll be doing Day 5! If you’d like a sneak peak of what I’m doing for Inktober, I’ve been posting them daily on my twitter and instagram.

Day one (Left side) is the only time I did a prompt. I had this weird feeling that I needed to do amazing, wonderful compositions for this month and put some immense pressure on myself. Doing so really stressed me out! So finally I said, forget it– let’s just have fun 🙂  And this came into play.

Day Two I drew Chompette! (See this post about the Bowsette Meme!) I think she’s my favourite “ette” >u< In the future, I’d like revisit these “ettes” of Mario and do some fun illustrations with them!

I wanted to do some small colour splashes for Day 3 and 4. I like how the colour brings a little more life into them! Doing just black and white slowly gets to you, so it’s nice to add some colours here and there.

I’ll be releasing my favourite pieces in these blog pieces as time goes on. If you’re doing Intober, how has it been for you?

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