Applying washi tape to copic markers

pictured: Mochi the best cat in the world

A lot of artists I admire on Instagram have this beautiful idea of using washi tape in their piece. I’m not quite sure how they were doing it, but I wanted to try tackling it. I originally drew this piece for Sleepy Mia‘s Magical Girl Challenge, but I missed the deadline. So I changed the pose into something for her Original Character Challenge. This piece is of my oldest original character, Aikano!

I don’t like leaving pages empty even if colour has bleed through from the previous page, so that’s why I’m still sketching on the “imperfect page” on the left

After sketching, I lined the drawing with a prisma colour pencil. At first, I regretted lining with a colour pencil because I didn’t keep the pencil sharp so the lines were much more blunt and less refined than I had envisioned it. I panicked for a bit, but after I started to layer the colours, it came out OK!

media: hb pencil, prisma colour pencil for initial lines, copic sketch markers, sakura micron .01 pen for ending lining, washi tape, white holbein acryla gouache

After I finished colouring, I layered the tape directly on top of the piece and gingerly cut the  tape away from the piece. I’m not sure if that’s how other artists did it, but it seems to be the best method for me! It’s not perfect since the tape isn’t lined up, and I was too hasty in cutting the edge lines. At a few points I accidentally cut into the actual drawing piece itself, but thankfully Photoshop can do its magic and remove that bit of mistake.

Part of me struggles with editing traditional pieces because I want to portray its imperfections as is, but I also want to show what I had originally wanted the piece to look like? What should I do?

Media: col-erase pencil, copic sketch marker, prisma colour pencils

Here’s a bonus copic piece I did in about an hour-ish on stream for PamadaK! She had this challenge as a package for her birthday stream she did. I tried to hurry it up and deliver it to her while she’s still streaming, but I missed it by 10 minutes ;o;

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