Is photoshopping traditional pieces cheating?

media: copic sketch markers. uniball signo white gel pen, 6B pencil, col-erase prisma colour pencils

Oof! Sorry for the late night post. Today has been a wild one. Have you ever scanned in traditional pieces and thought, “Oh I really want to edit this to make it look better?” I’ve been struggling with this. On one hand, I want the piece to reflect the true version of itself and be as authentic as possible; but on the other hand, I really want to keep improving the piece and fix all the flaws I see.

For an example, WHY IS THERE A GAP OF NOTHINGNESS BETWEEN HER THIGHS??? How did I notice this only after I’ve scanned in the piece, adjusted the colours, and started this blog post? Now everyone knows that I’m an unfinished, scuffed artist. T___T

DO WE ABANDON? DO WE KEEP IT? If I reupload onto social media with the corrected gap fix does that mean I have to edit this one? Or is that photoshopping the post?

So in this post I have both non-photoshop and photoshop’d images. :’D (I’m a problem-solving genius for laziness, AMEN)

The above illustrated image post is true to itself– untouched with only colour adjusts to best represent the original. Below here, we have plasticzilla queen of photoshopping (But very natural, so you wouldn’t even notice):

media: copic sketch markers, uniball signo gold and white gel pens, col-erase colour pencils

Here I’ve up’d the contrast a bit to push the lights and dark. Ok, I must admit– I was lazy with the photoshopping this time because today I was so tired. But just like all other plastic surgeons, there are bound to be a few botched jobs ok. Not everyone can look their best, but it’s an improvement in your pale self, girl!

I’m talking to my illustration. Oh my God. 

Drawing is one of my only friends, so sometimes I talk to them. Just like how people talk to pets and plants, drawings deserve some love too. These are the excuses I’m telling myself, but maybe you do it too? (This time I’m talk to you and not to the drawing)

super old sketch

I wanted to post some of my less polished pieces to show small things I doodle that aren’t always nice. (To be honest, most of my pieces are rushed and imperfect anyways, but this one is a little more imperfect therefore the other ones are perfect. 


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