Hello Beginnings

Medium: HB pencil, copic markers, uni-ball signo .38, white sakura gelly roll pen

To be honest, I am not good with words. I’m not sure at what point I had decided to give up on trying to phrase my thoughts articulately, but one day I decided that pictures, sounds, and gesturing depicted what I felt much better than anything I could possible try to say or write.  And yet here I am trying to start an art blog that combines those sorts of imagery with what I’m most weak at! Maybe one day I’ll get better at it, but I’m not too worried with that. I hope that instead, you will enjoy this little art blog of all my imperfections, thoughts, and wonderment.

Medium: HB pencil, Winsor & Newton watercolours, white Sakura gelly roll pen

I recently discovered Stillman & Birn Zeta Series sketchbooks, and they are the dream that I’ve been looking for ever since Moleskine changed their paper a bagazillion times. It’s a nice hot press, thick 270gsm (feels like 100lb cardstock weight) paper that generously aborbs watercolour and ink very well. I can do back-to-back watercolour pieces and not worry too much about whether the paper can take a beating.

I did some small swatches of the watercolours to the left side and I can’t believe I went for so long without doing actual swatches! I’m now addicted to swatching colours of everything and will try my best to do that with all my new items from now on. It’s so nice to have a reference of colours and how they look– who knew that having swatches would be so handy? :’) I’m sorry for being so stubborn in not doing swatches for so long!

Medium: HB pencil, prisma premiere colour pencils

Also recently I was gifted a toned paper sketchbook for the first time and it’s such a nice medium paper to throw some colours on. I feel like adding some highlights and dash of colour already makes a piece look more complete! I want to experiment more with this paper and figure out what would best bring out this warm, rich feeling that already emulates from this page.

Thank you for reading up to this point! I’m hoping to post more and more personal, intimate pieces here: ones full of mistakes, emotions, and explorations. My main goal for this little art blog is to be able to share a piece of me with you.

Until the next hello!


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